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August 2016 Site Updates and News…

How-to: every deal-post contains availability, and link-button where ticket is searchable. Some deals have limited availability. For you convenience we may generate direct links or dates combinations. Information is valid at time of publication. So sometimes you may not find the price mentioned in the post (ex. after several days of the original posting date). It means that the deal was sold out or supplier (airline/agency) has changed the conditions or removed the offer.

August, 2016 site updates…

1. New hosting! Finally! Probably, more important for us, though beneficial for everyone. We have moved to a new hosting company and, so far, everything is pretty good. Hopefully, there will be no errors at “peaks” (deals release moments).

2. SSL certificate.


Some of you might notice that a padlock showed up by the link. It means that there is a secure connection between your browser and our server.

Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. When an SSL certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to. This protects it from hackers and identity thieves. – via SSLShopper

Even though, we do not have member area (at least as of now), we considered SSL implementation as a solid reason to prove that we are a trusted website and we are NOT hiding from anyone.

3. Travel credit cards.

Another big add-on. You might already have noticed 2 banners on your right hand side in browser inside the post – Card Match tool. Also, there is a dedicated menu on top for: Airlines Credit Cards and Travel Rewards credit cards.

Travel credit cards and, actually, their miles and points are of a huge help to make your next vacation/trip/flight way more affordable.

You will see posts (1-2 for the week the most) dedicated to travel credit cards — containing reviews, ideas, recommendations, and how you can benefit from it. There you can also find links, where you can apply for most popular travel credit cards and save on you future vacations.

Of course, our main “focus” was and is travel flight deals, but this lump of info can just make a vacation way more affordable…

4. Hotels.

We have also added a HOTELS menu, so making your new vacation or trip more closer and more convenient. As you can check everything on 1 website.

There is also a widget on your right (desktop version).

Hotels is just an add-on convenient feature, as, once again, our main focus is and will be FLIGHT DEALS.

5. Travel & Leisure website 

We have already mentioned that, but we have pretty good relations with Travel and Leisure website, and, from time to time, you may find our deals finds on their dedicated webpage of Best Flight Deals.

6. View from The Wing (from

We appreciate Gary Leff noticed our website out of  “copy/pasters” and started to include our finds to his posts, like this one.


As well, we appreciate ExitFares for constantly adding us to their daily agenda.

8. Will Run for Miles

We are glad that not only we noticed Secret Flying’s “smart secret” of copying posts. Will Run For Miles travel blog have figured out that as well. Funny fact – they have not seen our research on this point 🙂

9. GoHobo 

We have been added to GoHobo Adventure directory. GoHobo is an alternative travel network, where you can find most interesting travel websites.


Looks like this is it. As a friendly reminder – we are present in Twitter and Facebook. And if you have any ideas/collaborations/flights price inquiries – feel free to contact us through DM or personal messages. 



Image Credits:Daniel Lobo used under CC BY 2.0 license / Resized from original.

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