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We use such abbreviations:

R/T – roundtrip flight

NS – non-stop flight

O/W – one way flight (used very rare, still may occur)

Is it FREE?

Our site is COMPLETELY FREE. Anyone can use the deals provided and posted here. Though, for some links mentioned we may receive compensation – as time is money and simple maintenance needs some funding. You do NOT have to use our links, but we are greatly happy when you do click them.

Is it safe?

Totally safe. All bookings are handled by major travel engines: Momondo, Priceline, Flighthub etc.

Expiration of deals

As every product, every deal has its expiration period. Due to a high amount of data and posts – its is hard to keep track of validity of every route. So, if you   can’t find any ticket – the deal has gone or all the tickets were booked out. To prevent “these” frustrating situations – we strongly recommend you sign up to our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and you will never miss a single deal or insanely affordable ticket.

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Yes, we do. You can find subscription at the end of every post and on your right on top. You can benefit from choosing newsletter based on your favourite (closest) airport of departure. We do NOT spam and value your time, so you will receive just one e-mail a day based on recent deals occurrences.

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