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16 Tips to Survive Long Haul Flight

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Flight can be one of the most memorable part of every vacation or trip, but it also can a nightmare.You may have to travel up to 30-35 hours to your destination – not very comfortable plane seats, layovers, flight food, customs, change of planes can pile up and create not exquisite memories.Lets see how we can decrease of chance of bad mood during long haul flights and trips.

Pre-flight tips:

1.Book a flight for late afternoon or early evening.

If you feel comfortable to sleep during flights – go ahead, and book evening/night tickets, so you can save vacation time and time during flight. On the other hand – it may be exhausted – plane seats (unless you have business/first class) are extremely uncomfortable.

2.Book business/first class.

Consider more comfortable seats of first and business class. If you have 14 hour flight – that can be of a huge plus not to spoil your vacation.

Do not forget you can use miles and points for upgrades! And, actually, booking with miles and points first/business class is way more reachable compared to buying them in cash.

3. Have your own entertainment ready.

Charge phones, tablets. Load wit music, movies, books, games.

4. Have these ready:

5. Make these easy accessible in your carry-on.

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6. Consider extra clothes for a change.

We do sweat! Extra t-shirt, socks or some sport pants may be very helpful.

During flight tips:


7. Look for empty row of seats.

Act fast and do not hesitate.There are other “smart” passengers on the plane. As soon the fasten seat belts goes off – rush!

Once 9 hour flight I spent on 5 seat row by myself sleeping LIKE A BOSS 🙂

8. Entertain yourself any possible way:

  • read
  • watch
  • play games
  • make pictures of amazing views
  • consider paying for in-flight internet

Do not forget about headphones as you are not alone on the plane, unless you have a private jet 🙂

9. Hot to get ready for a sleep.

  • read not watch
  • relax
  • medicine or sleeping pills
  • earplugs or relaxing music in noise-cancellation headphones

10. Try to sleep at your regular times.

Even if you have a jet-lag. Try your best!

11. Drink water.

Stay hydrated!

You may consider buying and taking empty water bottle from home and fill it after passing customs at terminal. So you can have extra water and save money to avoid expensive concourse shops.

Tips during layover:


12. Consider lounge access.

Try to stay worry free, relaxed and stay free of airport destruction noises. Some credit card offer lounge access as additional perk. I you fly a lot – consider opening one. Or consider checking these websites:

Even paying $40-60 for a lounge access does make sense – if you are on vacation – treat yourself 🙂

Do not go crazy with alcohol! 😉

13. Try to find a quiet spot

If you are short on a budget – consider looking for a spot with chair(s), and power outlet to charge your electronics and get ready for the next flight.

Do not forget about travel plugs and adaptors!

14. Eat some cooked food and drink water.

Plane food is still a junk. It is reheated from frozen condition. Try to find cafe or restaurant to have some “real” food.

Avoid fast foods!Burgers is a first way to “stop” your stomach.

Get a soup or something warm.

15. Airport amenities.

Consider checking with airport directory for free showers, pools, gardens etc.

Some airport offer free tours for long layover tourists! Consider checking this post:

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16. Airport wi-fi.

If you have a long layover – search for wi-fi networks. Consider paying for access.

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Bottom line

Hope these tips and tricks will be helpful and you will take maximum of it. Be smart and enjoy your flight and vacations/trips/getaways.

Consider TSA-Pre system for an easy return to USA (if you are citizen) and worry free passing of customs.

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