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Passport ranking index 2015

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Have you ever thought about your passport and travel documents of other countries? Visa requirements are an interesting but overlooked indicator of international relations. And passport is a very good reflection of all these factors and relations.

Passport ranking index 2015

Financial advisory firm Arton Capital created a passport index that allows you to sort and view passports for countries around the world by a “passport power rank.” The ranking is calculated by how many countries passport holders can visit without an advance visa, or by purchasing a visa on arrival at the airport.

You have the ability to rearrange and look all passports by:

By Country

By Location (on the map)

By Color

passport index Passport_Index_-_World_s_passports_sorted_by_color_blue Passport_Index_-_World_s_passports_sorted_by_color_green Passport_Index_-_World_s_passports_sorted_by_color_red

By Passport Power Rank, which is the most interesting.

Passports by power rank

The ranking puts the U.S. and U.K. passports first, giving access to 147 countries without an advanced prepared visa.South Korea, France and Germany are second, with access to 145 countries, followed by Italy and Sweden in third; Denmark, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg and the Netherlands in fourth; and Switzerland in fifth.

The least desirable passports according to this ranking and statistics are from the Myanmar, Solomon Islands , South Sudan, Sao Tome and Principe and the Palestinian Territories. They rank in 80th position, giving access to just 28 countries each without an advance visa.

The only drawback of this website is lack of actual list of countries to see and check for each passport. If this will be added – that  would be just amazing. And considered as tool for checking and planning for our vacations.

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