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2in1: New York to Greece: Athens (nonstop via Delta) + Santorini or Mykonos from $320 total

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Amazing deal: New York to Greece: Athens + Santorini or Mykonos flight roundtrip as low as $280.

New York, USA

Athens, Greece

New York, USA

To take advantage of this deal you would need to book flight from New York to Athens and Athens to Santorini or Mykonos separately.


New York to Athens, Greece nonstop via Delta

05-05-2020 – 05-12-2020
05-05-2020 – 05-13-2020
05-05-2020 – 05-14-2020
05-05-2020 – 05-15-2020
05-06-2020 – 05-13-2020
05-06-2020 – 05-14-2020
05-06-2020 – 05-15-2020
05-06-2020 – 05-19-2020
05-12-2020 – 05-19-2020
05-12-2020 – 05-20-2020
05-12-2020 – 05-21-2020
05-13-2020 – 05-20-2020
05-13-2020 – 05-21-2020

Fare to Athens is gone.


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