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How to save on airport lounge visits with one amazing benefit…

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Airport’s business lounge is expensive? Yes, may be…but not for people, who have Priority Pass

During our last trip to Europe we have been impressed how smooth and more enjoyable trip can be. We have visited 5 airport lounges (Portland, Amsterdam, Madrid, Venice, Bilbao) with ZERO money out of pocket. Considering, that business airport lounge visit ranges $35-50 per person, we have definitely enjoyed it in full. All thankful to Priority Pass membership.

Since 1992, Priority Pass has been providing frequent travelers with independent airport lounge access worldwide.
Benefits of Priority Pass:

  • 1000+ lounges in over 500 cities
  • Sit down, stretch out, enjoy a pre-flight bite and a drink from the selection available, including free alcohol at most lounges.
  • Free Wi-Fi in most lounges you’ll never be out of touch with friends, family and colleagues. And you can ensure your devices are all powered up before boarding by charging them in the lounge.
  • Brand new app which includes your Digital Membership Card.

Screenshots — Courtesy of Priority Pass

You can definitely apply directly for Priority Pass and enjoy incredible lounges visits. There is also currently a promotion with 10% off.

But you can also take advantage of a free Priority Pass membership with a credit card. We are the happy users of Chase Sapphire Reserve, and one of its amazing perks is a free membership of Priority Pass.

Chase bank states: “You and your authorized users can access 1,000+ VIP airport lounges worldwide with Priority PassTM Select and enjoy lounge amenities such as Wi-Fi, free snacks, beverages and more when you activate your membership”.

Considering that guests have fee free access along with Priority Pass member — that is an incredible travel benefit. Strongly recommend to consider! Especially for families.

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