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We saw incredible response and feedback on one of our Around The World post. It was featured in:

So here is another one for your adventure spirit!

This travel is more for active people who do not want to spend a lot of time at one place, so we created the route with 2-3 days between flights, which is pretty much enough to have the idea of the country/city.

So, you can fly around the globe and see some interesting places for under $1300 (not including accommodation and expenses). As for accommodation – we can advise using Airbnb. You can use our link to get $35 OFF your first stay.

Note, that some airlines may charge additional baggage fees.

Note, that some flights require overnight stay. Though you benefit from so low total price.


New York to Paris, France for $149

Departing: March 27

AIRLINE: Norwegian

Note, that Norwegian air has carry-on bag 10 kg (22 lbs), Size: 55 x 40 x 23 cm and one small personal item on board included in fare. This could be a little handbag or a slim laptop case that fits comfortably under the seat in front of you. You can read more about Norwegian’s baggage allowances here. Travel on light, save on airfare!


Paris, France to Singapore from $306

Departing: March 30

AIRLINE: Finnair

You can also take advantage of a nonstop flight via Singapore Airlines. Or vice versa take advantage of a Finnair flight with a 12-hour stop (day time) in Helsinki, which can give you a “quick idea” of a city.


Singapore to Sydney, Australia for $144

Departing: April 3




Sydney, Australia to Honolulu, Hawaii for $364

Departing: April 6



Sydney_to_Honolulu_flights_-_momondoHonolulu, Hawaii to New York from $373

Departing: April 10

AIRLINE: Hawaiian


TOTAL: $1336

Great_Circle_Mapper-1Courtesy of GCMAP

Will you go on this trip? If you DO like it, please share in comments the DEPARTURE city and places you would like to visit.

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Image Credits:courtesy of GC Map .