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New Market Sale from Frontier airlines – $20 one/way

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Frontier airlines has launched sale for new routes and destinations with fares as low as $20.

Sale does NOT require having or buying their Discount Den membership.

Participating departure cities are:

Chicago, Philadelphia, Orlando, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Atlanta, Nashville, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Colorado Springs, Raleigh, Phoenix.

Note, that these flights are operated by Frontier airline – one of the biggest USA lowcoster, and they tend to charge for seat selection (optional) and luggage.

But you can fly with backpack (included in fare) and letting Frontier to chose your seat (free) just for a few days for a change of scenery.

These discounted fares only available on Frontier website and do not reflect on aggregators, at least yet.

We do not receive compensation from these tickets, but want you to fly as low as possible.

Check you destination HERE (chose NEW MARKET SALE).

For example:

Phoenix to San Francisco for $40


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