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2in1: ATLANTA to PHILIPPINES /SINGAPORE/THAILAND for $463-573 R/T (through Hong Kong)

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Amazing deal: Atlanta to Philippines/Singapore/Thailand flights roundtrip as low as $463.

Atlanta, USA

Hong Kong, China / Manila, Philippines / Singapore / Bangkok, Thailand

Atlanta, USA


Departure: April (Monday-Thursday)
Return: April – May


Yesterday I had a conversation with our follower in Twitter about Atlanta airport and their high prices.

And here is the simple way, how you can fly to Asia under $599 for R/T from Atlanta. Following the really cheap price to Hong Kong, you can book separate ticket to other destinations from HK, so making it 2in1 trip.

Lets take an example of Atlanta to Hong Kong for the dates of April 20-May 4 for $400 R/T


You can fly also to:

Hong Kong to Singapore for $173 R/T

Hong Kong to Singapore

Hong Kong to Bangkok, Thailand for $153 R/T


Hong Kong to Manila, Philippines for $63 R/T


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Image Credits:Angelo Juan Ramos used under CC BY 2.0 license / Resized from original.