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18 Things We Should Know About Chase Bank

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Chase is one of the best banks on the market in USA. Their exceptional customer service, nicely looking branches along with most interesting credit cards attract a lot of customers. Not to mention that Chase is the biggest bank in USA in terms of capitalization and assets.

18 things we know and should remember about Chase bank

1. Generous sign-up bonuses. A biggest plus of Chase bank. Amount of different credit cards is impressive.

2. You can receive sign-up bonus numerous times. But in 24 months.

3. 3 months to meet minimum spending to receive sign-up bonus.

4. Denied for credit card – call reconsideration line. Chase bank representatives are happy to assist you.

5. You may have unlimited amount of Chase credit cards. The limiting factor is how much credit they’ve extended to you, but if you’re denied you can always request that they transfer some of that credit limit to a new card or decrease credit limit on of the cards.

6. Matching of sign-up bonus. If you opened one of the Chase bank credit cards and a new offer appears. You have 90 days to call Chase and they will match it for you with the new offer.

7. Chase Referral program. You can refer friends via special dedicated website and get privet bonus for that – usually $50 or 5000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points of they open credit card under your special link.

8. Chase Ultimate Rewards. Amazing loyalty program from Chase. Full of flexibility and ways to earn and spend points. Dedicated programs to Chase co-branded credit cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom, Chase Ink cards.

9. Chase lets you chose your own closing statement date. Which is pretty convenient, for example 1st of every month. So you will never forget to pay balance in zero.

10. You can receive sign-up bonus earlier than they would normally post. If you met minimum spending requirements fast – sign-up bonus will appear in your account after nearest statement.

11. You can view what credit card offers you are pre-approved.You can check it online here Only for co-branded Chase credit cards.

12. If you apply for multiple Chase cards during one day, the hard inquiries will be combined. Though business and personal credit cards inquiries will not be combined.

13. Expedite service to deliver your credit card(s) in 1-2 days. There should not be any fee for that, but request it if you really need in cases like you need you card urgently: stolen, broken.

14. No more than 2 approved cards per month. Business and personal cards considered as separate products.

15. $500 minimum limit for all Chase credit cards. If you want reallocate credit limit on one of your credit cards and move it another – the remaining should not be less than $500.

16. Chase allows downgrades on its credit cards. For example, Chase Southwest Premier credit card can be downgraded to Chase Southwest Plus.

17. You can be targeted for spending bonuses. You can check it on this website

18. Credit limit increase request will result in hard pull of your credit history. Consider reallocating credit limit from another Chase credit card.

Bottom line

Chase is a great bank, our family use its credit cards on a daily basis. Especially these 2 cards:

Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom – both card are part of Chase Ultimate Rewards, a very flexible loyalty program and one of the best loyalty programs on the market! Strongly recommend!

Chase Sapphire Preferred have $95 annual fee, waived for the first year. And give you a generous sign-up bonus of 50000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points after meeting $4000 minimum spending within first 3 months, which are worth of $625 in travel expense.

Chase Freedom has no annual fee, and gives you 15000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, after only $500 minimum spending within first 3 months.


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