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Never Miss a Single Error Fare Again

Information is valid at time of publication. So sometimes you may not find the price mentioned in the post (ex. after several days of the original posting date). It means that the deal was sold out or supplier (airline/agency) has changed the conditions or removed the offer.

We have noticed some people’s frustration of being not able to take advantage of incredibly low fares to Europe (several days ago) because of simple reason – MISSED IT.

So here are some tips and advises how to NEVER MISS A SINGLE ERROR FARE AGAIN.

1. Check regularly.

Majority of deals are posted till noon, however, if there is an error fare or super great promotion/offer/deal – it will be posted immediately.

2. Social networks.

We are present in all major social networks. FacebookTwitterTumbler.

3. Facebook notifications.

That is probably one of the best ways to receive latest posts and be notified about great deals/offers/error fares/mistake fares as fast as possible.

Visit our Facebook page.

Of course LIKE it 🙂 And, you have several options – you can just set Airfare Spot posts to appear at top of your news feed or/and receive notifications on each deal every time we share.

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4. E-mail subscription.

We send out daily newsletter with latest deals. Just one letter a day!

You can subscribe HERE.

Do not forget to add Airfare Spot to address book in order e-mails NOT to drop into spam folder!

Enjoy the deals, save on your travels, share info with friends, engage in conversation!

p.s. we are working on alternative ways to “deliver message and info” to you as quick as possible, as great deals do not last long.

Image Credits:Kārlis Dambrāns used under CC2.0 license.